The Anchored World Is Now Available

Our fall book, The Anchored World: Flash Fairy Tales and Folklore by Jasmine Sawers released on October 11, and is now available. The Anchored World will change the way you see fairy tales. Equal parts love letter to the old tales and indictment of their shortcomings, Sawers’s astonishing collection offers a new mythology to reflect the many faces and voices of the twenty-first century. Pushing back against stereotypes and erasure, the characters in these 33 brief stories—from Gretel to the Yak Lek to the Moon—grapple with who they really are and how they seek to be seen, all within unforgettable fabulist settings that Sawers makes feel real. See the book trailer here and read rave reviews of the book from The New York Times, Booklist, The Boston Globe, SmokeLong Quarterly, and other venues.

Ira Sukrungruang, author of This Jade World, writes: “What is awe inspiring about The Anchored World was not just the beautiful stretches of Sawers’s imagination, not just the poetic precision of their use of language, but the book’s tender mix of stories inspired by a variety of countries and cultures, challenging the tyranny of normality, and creating—really creating—a literature that brings all voices into the fold, a truly inclusive form of literature.”

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