The Fact of Memory Is Now Available

Our spring release, The Fact of Memory: 114 Ruminations and Fabrications by Aaron Angello, debuted on April 21, 2022! The book is now available. You’re not going to want to miss this truly innovative and entertaining hybrid genre book: it’s part essay, part memoir, part fiction—a little like memory itself. Each of the brief pieces in the book riffs on a word from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29; over the course of 114 days, Angello woke early, meditated upon a single word from the sonnet, and wrote. The results are sometimes funny, sometimes profound, and sometimes heartbreaking, accumulating into a map of a mind at work, a Gen X coming-of-age of sorts, seamlessly invoking the likes of The Golden Girls, Spinoza, Rick Springfield, and Rimbaud. See the book trailer here.

Lily Hoang, author of A Bestiary, writes: “What I love about Aaron Angello’s The Fact of Memory is that it is an intentional rejection of traditional literary analysis. Sonnet 29 becomes his practice of dailiness, one word at a time, and every word opens new insight, new possibility, new form, new newness, always surprising, a nostalgia with neither pretention nor sentimentality: a brave deconstruction and a tender reconstruction, scorned.”

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