The RMP Field Guide to Graphic Literature Is Available for Preorder

The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Graphic Literature: Artists and Writers on Creating Graphic Narratives, Poetry Comics, and Literary Collage, the fourth volume in our popular and award-winning Field Guide series, is now available for preordering! Edited by Kelcey Ervick and Tom Hart, this anthology fills an urgent need for a craft guide and teaching text for the fast-growing text+image field, offering a wide range of craft essays, hands-on exercises, and full-color graphic literature examples from 28 of the most innovative practitioners of graphic literature today. Written in an accessible and engaging style, this anthology is intended for teachers and students, individual artists and writers, and pleasure readers interested in expanding their knowledge of this exciting field.

Nicole J. Georges, author of Calling Dr. Laura: A Graphic Memoir, writes: “This is such a beautiful, helpful book. If comics is a giant dome, with your story locked inside, The Field Guide to Graphic Literature presents you with 28 different philosophical doors into that world. The practicality of this book, and its acknowledgment of the myriad of avenues and practices in comics, makes me feel inspired as both a creator and a teacher. I’ll use these exercises to kick up excitement and open doors in my own work, and in the classroom!”

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