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Book Trailer for The Best of Brevity

The Best of Brevity: Twenty Groundbreaking Years of Flash Nonfiction launches in November 2020, with preordering beginning in mid-August, but you can get excited now about this amazing collection, edited by Zoë Bossiere and Dinty W. Moore, by watching the book trailer below! Book details below as well.

The Best of Brevity: Twenty Groundbreaking Years of Flash Nonfiction
Edited by Zoë Bossiere and Dinty W. Moore
Print ISBN: 
E-book ISBN: 978-1-941628-24-9

How much of the human experience can fit into 750 words? A lot, it turns out. Since its founding in 1997, Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfictionhas published hundreds of brief nonfiction essays by writers around the world, each within that strict word count. Over the past 20 years, Brevity has become one of the longest-running and most popular online literary publications, a journal readers regularly return to for insightful essays from skilled writers at every stage of their careers. Featuring examples of nonfiction forms such as memoir, narrative, lyric, braided, hermit crab, and hybrid, The Best of Brevity brings you 84 of the best-loved and most memorable reader favorites, collected in print for the first time. Compressed to their essence, these essays glint with drama, grief, love, and anger, as well as innumerable other lived intensities, resulting in an anthology that is as varied as it is unforgettable, leaving the reader transformed. The Best of Brevity offers unparalleled diversity of style, form, and perspective for those interested in reading, writing, or teaching the flash nonfiction form.

Contributors: Marcia Aldrich, Brian Arundel, Samuel Autman, Julie Hakim Azzam, Krys Malcolm Belc, Jenny Boully, Nina Boutsikaris, Traci Brimhall, A. Papatya Bucak, Amy Butcher, Christine Byl, Shuly Xóchitl Cawood, Jennie Chia-Hui Chu, Jill Christman, Steven Church, Nicole Cyrus, Jaquira Díaz, Beverly Donofrio, Brian Doyle, Erika Dreifus, Laurie Lynn Drummond, Pam Durban, Harrison Candelaria Fletcher, Tessa Fontaine, Josey Foo, Matthew Gavin Frank, Joey Franklin, Roxane Gay, Danielle Geller, Charlotte Gullick, Rajpreet Heir, Daisy Hernández, B.J. Hollars, Sonya Huber, Lori Jakiela, Dani Johannesen, Sam Kiss, Matthew Komatsu, Sandra Gail Lambert, Sarah J. Lin, Sonja Livingston, Bret Lott, Lee Martin, Michael Martone, Debra Marquart, Rebecca McClanahan, John A. McDermott, Brenda Miller, Kathryn Miller, Kyle Minor, Ander Monson, Erin Murphy, Randon Billings Noble, Joe Oestreich, Jamila Osman, Michelle Otero, Patricia Park, Dustin Parsons, Torrey Peters, Deesha Philyaw, Lia Purpura, Kristen Radtke, Robert Root, Vincent Scarpa, J.D. Schraffenberger, Heather Sellers, Diane Seuss, Jennifer Sinor, Suzanne Farrell Smith, Sam Stokley, Mark Stricker, Ira Sukrungruang, Deborah Taffa, Jill Talbot, Christina Tang-Bernas, Thao Thai, Abigail Thomas, Jia Tolentino, Brian Trapp, Michelle Valois, Anna Vodicka, Julie Marie Wade, Nicole Walker, and Alexis Wiggins.