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Evidence of V covered by The New York Times, NPR Books, Publishers Weekly, and Others

Sheila O’Connor’s Evidence of V is garnering rave reviews and lovely coverage from a number of publications, including The New York Times, NPR Books, Publishers Weekly, Brooklyn Rail, Entropy, and others.

Check out some of the coverage below:

The New York Times

“In researching my grandmother’s life, I was shocked to learn of the little-known history of incarcerating girls for immorality and similar minor status offenses such as incorrigibility and subjecting them to disturbingly long sentences. But what happened to her happened to many other young women across America.”

NPR Books

“For me, V is a force. She’s talented and ambitious, she’s alive with all the energy of a passionate 15-year-old, but she’s also determined to be a successful performer. She’s driven by her artistic desires and undone by her youth and naiveté. She is an ambitious nonconformist, in a time when girls and women were expected to aspire to motherhood and marriage. She will not be broken.”

Publishers Weekly

“In riveting juxtaposition of prose and historical research, O’Connor recreates an almost Atwoodian reality where girls, some as young as eight or nine, were labeled “sex delinquents” and forced to reside in group homes designed to reform and domesticate them.”

Read and listen to all the press coverage here.