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Monster Portraits covered by Chicago Review of Books, Third Coast, and Grab the Lapels

Over at Chicago Review of Books, reviewer Rachel Leon calls Del and Sofia Samatar’s Monster Portraits a “masterpiece,” writing that “The marriage between artwork and prose in Monster Portraits results in a beautiful book and a moving, subtle, timely meditation on otherness.” Read the whole review here.

At Third Coast, Allison Manley writes, “Monster Portraits uses its inscrutability to force us to ask important questions. Given the ubiquity of art that’s designed to be easy for consumption, Del Samatar and Sofia Samatar’s work can be hard to get used to, but the effort is worth it.” Read the whole review here.

And at Grab the Lapels, Melanie Page writes “The images of the monsters vary in style: some use more pointillism, others crosshatching, and some have a Magic the Gathering style.” Read the whole review here.