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Monster Portraits Reviewed at NPR

Thanks to Genevieve Valentine for her insightful review of Monster Portraits at NPR Books!

Some highlights from the review:

“A prose poem with jolts of autobiography, Monster Portraits is spare and meant to be taken very slowly. Even the structure asks the reader to consider how things are assembled — timelines, memoirs, myths. Vignettes read like the monsters of fairy tales, or monsters the way all animals are monsters, known to themselves in a way we’ll never know them.”

“Monster Portraits isn’t very long. Chapbook length, maybe; the size of something handed out to tempt you into something larger. But Samatar works as much in the spaces between things as within the things. This slender book plumbs a vertical field. You’ll spend some time here.”

And thanks to the NPR Books Tumblr for posting about the book and including some of Del’s artwork from Monster Portraits.