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Monster Portraits reviewed at Tor and Weird Fiction Review

Over at Tor, Brit Mandelo writes: “Monster Portraits serves the function of philosophy, or poetry: the text makes offerings, sketches connections, and requires leaps of juxtaposition as well as freefalls into implication. Each line is a treat to be savored and allowed to meld with its companions over a slow, methodical, reverential reading experience. ” Read that whole review here.

And at Weird Fiction Review, Desirina Boskovich writes “Art and words in this book are intimately intertwined, conceived in conjunction with each other, another secret between siblings. Imagery and language are in accord, and feel as if they’ve arrived hand-in-hand, neither one grafted on to the other as illustrated poetry (or poetry inspired by art) often feels. As the book says, “We would travel separately, but on the same ground.” Read that whole review here.

Also, you can read their excerpts here.