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Nicole Rivas on The Coil, TNBBC, Large-Hearted Boy, and More

Nicole Rivas’s contest-winning chapbook, A Bright and Pleading Dagger, has been garnering praise since it was released in August, including from author Roxane Gay, who wrote on Goodreads of the book: “Awesome chapbook of very sharp short fictions. At the end of each story, I thought, wow. Can’t wait to read more from this author.”

Al Kratz wrote in his review at The Coil: “It’s hard to picture a collection of flash more perfect than this, more bright and pleading, more able both to stab and to save a heart.”

A Bright and Pleading Dagger was also featured on the radio, both on Savannah Lexicon and on Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon.

Readers can supplement their experience of the book by checking out where Nicole wrote the chapbook and listening to her playlist for the book. The Next Best Book Blog featured Nicole in Where Writers Write and Large-Hearted Boy showcased the songs Nicole chose as accompaniments for each story in the collection here.