Teach RMP Books

Rose Metal Press books are an excellent teaching resource, and due to their nature as hybrid texts, they make versatile additions to a wide variety of courses and workshops. Our Field Guides and other anthologies are taught at hundreds of colleges, universities, and high schools throughout the U.S. and around the world. Many of our other books also are used in an array of literature and writing classes, workshops, and book clubs.

If you are interested in considering one or more of our books for your syllabus, please contact us. We get many requests for free exam copies, but as a small press, we are only able to provide gratis desk copies to instructors who have already adopted a book as a required text for their class. However, we can provide PDF e-galleys and/or discounted hard copies for those instructors who are considering teaching our books. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have and to make suggestions about RMP books that might be a good fit for your course.

Rose Metal Press books are available in print and, in most cases, as e-books. College bookstores can order RMP books by contacting our distributor, Itasca Books, at orders@itascabooks.com. More on ordering books here.