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The Anchored World Reviewed in The NYT and Boston Globe

Jasmine Sawers’ The Anchored World released October 11, garnering glowing reviews in The New York Times Book Review, The Boston Globe, and many other review venues.

Of The Anchored World, NYT reviewer Amal El-Mohtar writes, “The collection brings to mind a bowl full of colorful, glinting objects: seashells, fruit seeds and flower petals mixed among mirror shards and needles. The “flash” in the subtitle refers to the pieces’ formal brevity, but they also often have the knifing dazzle of bright light against the eyes.”

Nina MacLaughlin of The Boston Globe writes, “There is magic here, a rich sensuality […] and, as Sawers puts it “universal human failings.” In various forms—lists, directions, confessions, real estate propaganda—they make new myths, ones that carry questions of history and identity, of the inside-outside divide, what we absorb: the stories, the violence, the cruelty, the different kinds of love. […] Sawers’s prose is lyrical and rhythmic, and simultaneously carries a timeless, otherworldly tone and is landed in the now.”

Biz Hyzy writes in Booklist that in these “imaginative vignettes, Sawers explores common Western European & Thai folktales by placing them in unexpected contexts & imbuing them with fresh lyricism.”

Super congrats to Jasmine for all the much-deserved praise for The Anchored World! Read all the reviews and press for the book here.